Each quiz consists of twelve questions and a choice of three answers, with only one correct answer. You will find out whether you got the question right or wrong right after answering each question.

When you finish the quiz, a final evaluation of your answers will be displayed, showing your answers and the correct answers, if you didn't get all right. Each correct answer will be displayed with a brief explanation. Additionally, there will be complementary material and annotations that can be used for further study. Students may use the final evaluation to reflect on their results individually as well as in groups.

Students' age and previous knowledge should determine quiz level difficulty. „Beginner“ is designed as an introductory level, for students in lower secondary level up to grade 10. „Intermediate“ is designed for students in upper secondary levels or as a challenge to lower secondary students. „Expert“ is designed for advanced levels, possibly suitable for students of upper secondary levels or adults.

The quiz can be played in different languages.