The Appearance of a Floating Dream


Under the leitmotif “CULPEER4change transforms young people to global citizens” the project brought together over three years young people from the global South with their peers in Europe.

The video “The appearance of floating dream” gives a practical insight in the activities of the project "CULPEER4change". By the example of the young artists of Circus Debere Berhan from Ethiopia it shows how the cultural peer-learning approach gives a platform to the youth from the Global South to show scenes from their everyday lives, from the lives of their families, peers and neighborhoods with theatre, dance, circus, acrobatics and music. The video also shows the communication between the peers in workshops and the creativity together on stage which documents the change of perspective of all of them.

Highlight is the final show in Cologne end of October, where Circus Debere Berhan performed together with Teatro Trono (Bolivia), The Dreamcatchers (India) and Kigamboni Community Centre (Tanzania).