Kids bring out their own animation movie together with partner organisation Brave Kids in Poland


Discussing with the children the importance of taking care of our planet and how it can be done with small daily actions, was one of the main objectives of Brave Kids for Earth workshops. With this in mind and guided by Daniel Kiermut, the kids created this stop motion animation. They did it by themselves, being creative and working as a team during the whole process. The project was created at Centrum na Przedmieściu on 24 - 25th October 2020.

What is Stop Motion Animation?

Is an animation technique. It consists of taking pictures of static objects to make them look like they are moving. The objects are shifted  between each of the frames during the whole process.

The Creative Process

The first step was to bring the children together, to talk about the importance of taking care of the planet we all live on and to discuss the actions that we can all take individually, to protect the environment. Once this was clear, the children divided themselves into smaller groups to design, direct and photograph the shots for the video. After this, the artistic kids went into an  excursion to an area with nature, to take pictures of themselves and also to collect material from the environment and use it later for the video.

Time for Creativity

The moment of photographing each little movement was full of creativity, imagination and professionalism by these Brave Kids. In small groups they created the different scenes, mixing the material they picked from nature with other material that they made by themselves. Once the idea was created, they started to work. Placing the different scenes on a table, under the camera that was held by a tripod and very patiently moving little by little the objects. At the same time, they were touching a key of a computer that was connected to the camera so they could take all the pictures.

“Only Together We Can Save the Earth”

The final result is this video where kids explain in this animation mode, how the planet is in danger and suggest different ways to keep it clean and safe. It is dynamic, funny, full of colors and natural elements. But it also has a really important message on it that everyone should take note from. We only have one planet, so let’s take care of it!


The project is financed by the National Institute of Freedom - Center for Civil Society Development from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program for 2014-2020 and the Municipality of Wrocław.

Text prepared by Brave Kids ESC Volunteer Carmen López Rivas