Diversity is our gift


Fredrick Dagharo shares his opinion on engaging young people for the Global Goals.

His short movie highlights young people in Kigamboni, Dar Es Salaam. He accompanied our partner organisation Kigamboni Community Centre for a week as film producer and photographer. So far, what he has experienced shaped his reflections. 

The well-known Kigamboni Community Centre brings into practice the SDGs in their daily work with young people. 

Diversity is our gift

As a Tanzanian citizen I do believe the global goals are of definite essentiality for the country, and as a young person, I am convinced we ought to aim for these milestones nationally and globally since we live in a diverse culture and individuality is to be respected as I believe it to be sacred essence of who we are, but also believe our diversity is a gift, GOD-given gift we ought to share and celebrate.

Global Goals are creating the path to living with dignity in Tanzania

The global goals if be (as is currently being) pursued in our country it opens up and create an environment convenient for each one of the citizen regardless of any diminishing attribute being the ultimate definer. Ensuring a better life for the Poor, Middle-class citizens Etc. An analytical expression of this is the current news that "TANZANIA has joined the ranks of Middle-Income Countries (MIC) eight years ahead of schedule”.

The inspiration for the film was sparked by the daily lives of citizens and as a growing filmmaker, I wanted to shed light to this matter and in a style that may be attractive even to the younger people in the shortest amount of time and later a reflection of the bigger picture of the community and the beauty of unity in it. The best way to capture this was to join hands with a local NGO, KCC (Kigamboni Community Centre) and Culpeer4CHANGE on their on-going project on the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

From Peer to Peer and for self-determined learning spaces

Young people are entertained, inspired and encouraged by the film and we go on having discussions about what ought to be done and how we as young people can engage in the process.

My mission is to showcase and articulate ideas, tell stories, spreading inspiration and awareness about individual lives, communities, and majorly make a change through filmmaking for the glory of GOD.


Fredrick Dagharo