Fuera de Foco Crew (Buenos Aires, Argentinia)

The "Fuera de Foco Crew" was formed in 2016 under direction of the dancer Romina Sosa, who has already participated three times in the KinderKulturKarawane with ensembles from "Crear vale la pena". "Crear vale la pena", which means "It is worth being creative", develops artistic productions with children and young people from the "La Cava" neighbourhood, trains young people in areas of art and culture and builds cultural centres. The young artists of the Fuera de Foco Crew contribute significantly to the development of cultural education programmes.

The "Fuera de Foco Crew" combines contemporary dance and hip hop with elements from theatre in their productions. The group's productions often deal with discrimination against marginalised societies and show what resistance can look like. With their artistic productions, they thus fight for visibility and recognition of socially relevant issues and transform them into artistic visions.

Who raises the hand?

The group's production is an urban dance performance that mixes elements of contemporary dance, hip hop and parcours. It mixes urban dance forms with contemporary choreography and sometimes indigenous rhythms. In this way, they escape the 'ghetto' cliché and create their very own style.
The dance becomes a kind of ritual that creates a bridge and overcomes differences in origin, skin colour, stereotypes and socialisation. It's about mobilising the community to stand up and fight injustices in the world!