Kalundborg Kommune is keen to be part of this project because we want to raise young people’s awareness and critical understanding on sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals are part of Kalundborg Kommunes new development strategy and will be part of our coming children and youth policy. Therefore, we want to promote development education in formal and informal education.

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Municipality of Kalundborg
Holbaekvej 141 B

4400 Kalundborg, Denmark
+45 22 64 16 20         

SPOR Media

In Denmark we have organized visits of cultural groups from the global South since 2004. It is and excellent way for youngsters to learn about other people’s lives and at the same time have fun.

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Spor Media
Elmegade 5, 1. th,

2200, København N
+45 3536 0940

Municipality Sønderborg

The municipality of Sonderborg has a huge focus on environment and sustainability. In 2006 an initiative named: Project Zero, was formed, which aim is to make the municipality CO2 neutral area by the year 2029. Later a Strategy for Sustainability including economic, social, cultural and environment aspects was made. In 2017 Sonderborg became the first UNESCO Learning City in Denmark.

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Municipality Sonderborg
106400 Sønderborg, Denmark
+45 88 72 64 00