Municipality of Plovdiv

The Municipality of Plovdiv is engaged with the development and building of the educational system, with the integration and support of the children and the elderly, as well as the disadvantaged people through non-formal education. The Municipality of Plovdiv participates and will take part in large-scale projects using peer to peer for Global Learning, with a focus on the awareness of social problems and the overcoming of inequalities.

Logo of Municipality of Plovdiv

Municiaplity of Plovdiv
Stefan Stambolov Square 8

4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
+359 887 943763

Foundation for Development of the Cultural and Business Potential of Civil Society

FDCBPCS has been part of actions focused on global education of sustainable development since 2010 and, had the honour of welcoming ambassadors from the Global South who passed their messages on global issues and the need for urgent interventions by using cultural peer-learning methods. Our strong contacts with schools throughout the country and our excellent experiences in influencing one step at a time and one school at a time through non-formal educational measures makes us more than keen to be a part of this project, which has at its core raising awareness about the SDGs via cultural peer-learning


Mladost 4, building 425, entrance 3, ap. 53
Sofia 1715, Bulgaria
+359 2 4342244