Digital formats

Digital offers complement and enrich the personal intercultural youth encounters of CULPEER4change!

We draw this conclusion after a year of testing, continuous content and technical development and the production of numerous teaching units, educational games, quizzes and videos.

Our partners, the young artists from the Global South, will be in Europe again this year. You can get to know our youth culture groups virtually in various ways and work with them in terms of content and art.

Our offer includes:
  • Video material: Each partner group from the Global South presents itself, its situation and its artistic work.
  • Online chats that allow you to get to know each other for the first time.
  • Virtual workshops: Pre-produced dance learning videos or livestream workshops in which the dance - broadcast live - can be rehearsed together.
  • Home Stories: Our young people work on a common topic, produce small videos and virtually exchange ideas with peer groups from the global south.
  • The SDG quiz in three levels of difficulty, which has already been successfully tested several times. In a few months there will be this quiz on all 17 sustainability goals, the SDGs.
  • E-learning course for teachers, pedagogues and social workers on the SDG topics of climate change, children's rights as well as flight and migration with numerous practical teaching units and learning suggestions.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer!
It can be used flexibly, be it at school events, for small learning groups or individually, for example in homeschooling.
Depending on the format, digital devices such as laptops & smartphones or projectors / smartboards are required. We offer moderation and translation for all digital encounters.

From August 2021 we plan to invite some of these youth culture groups to Europe so that peer-to-peer learning through face-to-face workshops and appearances can take place again in all of our European partner cities and it means again:

Clear the stage for the world's youth!