The Spirit of Tanzania: Dance, Music and bright colors for the third conference

The international conference Tanzania took place in February 2020 according to the motto “Sharing best practices around using Culture and Peer learning in the world. People from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and different countries in Europe joint CULPEER4change. The network comprises 17 partner organizations. They include municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Hereby, the main intention is to enforce the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in municipalities and regions. Enlightening encounters and artistic fusions were the highlight of this event.

CULPEER4Change - a network for the Sustainable Development Goals

The CULPEER4Change network involves fifteen municipalities, regions and non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland and Slovenia as well as partners from Bolivia and Tanzania and aims to formalize the “Sustainable Development Goals” in education systems of the concerned municipalities or regions. We use the approach of “cultural peer-to-peer learning” (CULPEER) and the exchange and cooperation of young artists from the ‘Global South’.