Many positive developments after the conference in Tanzania

26 February 2021

One year ago - in February 2020, the international conference “Sharing best practices around using Cultural Peer learning in the world” took place in Kigamboni (Tanzania). Despite the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, a lot has changed at our partner Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC). Several events and successes have recently been celebrated in Tanzania.

Communal gathering

After the conference, the responsible of KCC met for an evaluation meeting with four departments at the local level (social and health, education, environment and community development). Together they discussed activities that could be offered to the community. The so-called “MoU draft”, which makes the partnership legally binding, was signed by both sides at the beginning of January.

New partnerships

In addition, after the conference, KCC was able to win a new partner with “Railway Children Africa”. The project is about bringing children back to their original families and supporting them. From April to November, seven children and their families were able to unite and 13 new children were accommodated in the KCC children's home (shelter).

In addition, KCC received funding from the City of Hamburg in August 2020. Through a town twinning, local schools collected donations for our partner. In addition, KCC received another fund to work with the children in the local prison. Even before the conference, a wall painting was created with the children and activities such as dance, acrobatics or handicraft were carried out.

In order for KCC to become a recognized educational institution, those responsible are planning to build a center this year in which community members can receive professional training, workshops and training at various levels. Thus, the state requirements would be met. The aim is for the school to open in early 2025.

Build a new KCC home

The promotion of the partners after the conference helped KCC to convince its donors "Wings of Support" and "Wild Ganzen" to support them in building a new children's home. The construction started in January.