CULPEER4change selected as “the sustainability project 2021”

26 July 2021

We are exceptionally fortunate that CULPEER4change has been selected as one of “the sustainability project 2021” – “Projekt Nachhaltigkeit 2021” by the network RENN Regional Network for Sustainability Strategies and under consultation of the German Council for Sustainable Development. 

What does it stand for?

The certification stands for innovative and diverse engagement for sustainable development. Hereby RENN recognized the efforts in providing new impulses for social change delivered by all initiatives and projects. All winners are acknowledged for their great implications on society as a whole.

The projects and initiatives are chosen according to following criteria:

  • Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Strategic Approach for Sustainable Development
  • Potential impact
  • Originality
  • Cross-linking
  • Coherence.
What we do – our beliefs

This acknowledgement motivates us in continuing our work with practioners in education, young artists, activists and young people across the Globe. We go for an approach which puts children and young people at the center of our work. We create the appropriate framework for children and young people can acquire knowledge on global interconnections and carry out enquiries. It is a major concern to foster self-efficacy, critical thinking and acting in solidarity.

We put great emphasis on artistic methods as we believe that art is unique in providing access to complex situations. It can serve as a rule-breaker that gives us the opportunity to create visions, to dream and build conceptual worlds. It makes it easier to leave the old narratives behind and create new ones. Our artistic workshops function on an emotional level where the seeds for personal transformation will be planted. We need internal change for external change.

We seek to contribute to social and ecological change through our educational program.

Our program comprises

  • Cultural Peer Learning workshops
  • Mural Painting workshops
  • Educational conferences

RENN represents the regional network of sustainability strategies. The selection of the award winners takes place in cooperation with the German Council for Sustainable Development.