16 April 2021

Virtual study tour in times of corona and climate change

GLOBAL STAY TOURS is cultural peer exchange through the screen. The concept has proven to be a powerful instrument for global understanding, and it works without damaging our climate. In Denmark, Spor Media has organized many tours for cultural youth groups from countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In cooperation with KinderKulturKarawane in Germany we received the first youth group in 2004.
26 February 2021

Many positive developments after the conference in Tanzania

One year ago - in February 2020, the international conference “Sharing best practices around using Cultural Peer learning in the world” took place in Kigamboni (Tanzania). Despite the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, a lot has changed at our partner Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC). Several events and successes have recently been celebrated in Tanzania.
24 November 2020

Kids bring out their own animation movie together with partner organisation Brave Kids in Poland

Discussing with the children the importance of taking care of our planet and how it can be done with small daily actions, was one of the main objectives of Brave Kids for Earth workshops. With this in mind and guided by Daniel Kiermut, the kids created this stop motion animation.