2 September 2021

New social media strategy for CULPEER4change

A lot has happened at CULPEER4change in the last few weeks - especially on our social media pages. They now shine in new splendour. In order to create a simpler understanding of our topics, the colours of our three SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the content of our pages have been revised. With simple labels at the bottom, the posting sections are now easily and quickly recognisable. And the posting texts have also been changed.
15 July 2021

New publication out now! - The role of Global Citizenship Education in socio-economic recovery plans

We at CULPEER4change are one global education project among many great others, incorporating decentralized cooperation, realizing exchange among equal partners and influencing policy makers on a municipality level. Our activities shall support children and young people in finding their role in this world.
6 July 2021

Art for Change in the Time of Corona

With the Coronavirus outbreak changing the way everyone in the world is working and living their daily lives, artists are learning to adapt to a “new normal” as concerts, workshops and art exhibitions are indefinitely put on hold. The coronavirus pandemic has closed museums and cancelled concerts, plunging many cultural institutions into uncertainty while also threatening a long-term effect on the arts.
16 April 2021

Virtual study tour in times of corona and climate change

GLOBAL STAY TOURS is cultural peer exchange through the screen. The concept has proven to be a powerful instrument for global understanding, and it works without damaging our climate. In Denmark, Spor Media has organized many tours for cultural youth groups from countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. In cooperation with KinderKulturKarawane in Germany we received the first youth group in 2004.
26 February 2021

Many positive developments after the conference in Tanzania

One year ago - in February 2020, the international conference “Sharing best practices around using Cultural Peer learning in the world” took place in Kigamboni (Tanzania). Despite the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, a lot has changed at our partner Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC). Several events and successes have recently been celebrated in Tanzania.
24 November 2020

Kids bring out their own animation movie together with partner organisation Brave Kids in Poland

Discussing with the children the importance of taking care of our planet and how it can be done with small daily actions, was one of the main objectives of Brave Kids for Earth workshops. With this in mind and guided by Daniel Kiermut, the kids created this stop motion animation.