24 November 2020

Kids bring out their own animation movie together with partner organisation Brave Kids in Poland

Discussing with the children the importance of taking care of our planet and how it can be done with small daily actions, was one of the main objectives of Brave Kids for Earth workshops. With this in mind and guided by Daniel Kiermut, the kids created this stop motion animation.
19 March 2020

CULPEER4Change - a network for the Sustainable Development Goals

The CULPEER4Change network involves fifteen municipalities, regions and non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland and Slovenia as well as partners from Bolivia and Tanzania and aims to formalize the “Sustainable Development Goals” in education systems of the concerned municipalities or regions. We use the approach of “cultural peer-to-peer learning” (CULPEER) and the exchange and cooperation of young artists from the ‘Global South’.